Saturday, 13 August 2016

Four Reasons NOT to go to the Gym

To lead a fit and healthy life you need to have a sensible diet and exercise regularly. When it comes to eating, you just have to ensure you eat the right type of food. But when it comes to exercising you have to find time to include the same in an often action-packed day. 

You need to set aside special time for working-out, whether it is outdoor activities such as walking, running, cycling etc. Or you would have to enrol in the local gym for training sessions.

While you could probably make time to indulge in the former in between your other activities, committing to regular specified timings might not always prove convenient or doable. Some problems when it comes to joining a gym are given below:

Timings and convenience

As mentioned above if you join a gym you have to commit to the timings for the session you enrol in – something not always possible when you are running a home or working as a professional.

Unexpected demands on your time could crop up making it difficult for you to keep your commitment. Also if you are not able to find a gym within a convenient distance from your home you might end having to do a bit of travel.  Such travel time would eat into an already busy schedule.

Some of the best personal training certification providers in the world offer alternatives such as outdoor fitness, boot camps and group training classes. 

Working out with others

Again, because of your employment schedule you would probably have to enrol in either the early morning or late evening sessions. Most other people would have the same requirement so the timings mentioned above see the maximum number of people doing work-outs.

This results in your having to work out in a crowded space, await your turn to use particular equipment and overall not enjoy or benefit from your work-out session.

Equipment and general hygiene

Dozens of people use the same equipment in a gym. If the equipment is not maintained properly or not replaced when no longer functional, you should avoid taking such membership. Also gyms have to maintain a high level of hygiene. Working out in a closed room can give rise to many unhygienic scenarios. Besides the sweat factor, germs can spread especially if some members attend with health problems.

Privacy and cost factors

When you join a gym you would have to be ready to work out in the company of people of all types – young, old, experienced, push, timid etc.  This is not always a pleasant experience. If you have given up valuable time to attend this slot you would want the session to prove beneficial – not hampered by rubbing shoulders with a strange mix of people. 

To set up a gym of reasonable standard it requires a large investment. Good standard equipment is expensive and maintenance and running costs are a regular factor.  To offset their expenses gyms pass on the monetary burden to its members by charging somewhat high enrolment fees.  In view of the other drawbacks mentioned above, paying a high membership fee and not getting maximum benefits definitely puts a negative slant on using a gym.

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